How to Get Your Google Adsense Approved 10 Tips for content

How to Get Your Google Adsense Approved 10 Tips for content

Google adsense approved is big issue in many countries now a days due to strict policy of Adsense. So many people using adsense account may approved in 2007 to 2012 or may use some tricks.

Professional are serious about their blogs. Many bloggers are not fulfilling the requirement of adsense for approval and it is  against Google Adsense Terms and Conditions.

Some people have tips to create Google Adsense account via some third party websites or vpn and sell these accounts to others new bloggers. It is not a way to get adsense account or to earn money from Google Adsense.

Second such selling or buying of Google Adsense accounts is not proper way. Some spammers are trapping people and posting Classified Ads for selling of Google Adsense . All these  claiming to earn 25,000 to 30,000 Rupees per month online they are telling about “Google Adsense”.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Groups working in Pakistan, which are misleading people saying that Google Adsense is a easy way to earn money on internet.

How to Get Your Google Adsense Approved 10 Tips for content

10 Tips To Get your Google Adsense account approved in Pakistan and other countries 

1. Buy your own domain name and top level of webhosting service like Godaddy or Hostgator. Cheap webhosting may cause ban your Adsense account because of the slow server speed. 

2.Try to Buy premium theme rather than free themes because of website SEO optimization and other important features. It shows that you are serious about your blogging profession. Make sure you blog is responsive for all devices like laptop, tablets and smartphones

3. Most of people using  WordPress were banned by Google. You might not agree with us but try to start with and try to make it a big one e.g (as we know blogger is service of Google).

4. Use same name and address for domain name and for application to Adsense account. It is more  better to provide correct information with permanent Telephone number.

5. After buying any new domain wait for at-least six months before applying for Google Adsense account. This is the most painful step and as people can not wait for long but friends we are also observed this step. China, India and some other countries are facing same problem that Google is not accepting applications from these countries before 6 months.

6. In first 6 months of make your blog with original constants (Do not copy and past). Your blog wants real effort and hard work. Batter to chose one topic for your blog. This will surly leave a good impression on Adsense team. 

7. Make sure you blog has neat and clean design with easy to find navigation system. Recently Google has banned many bloggers account which was not providing user experience.

8. Never apply for Google Adsense approval if your blog has low content and not optimized according to Google terms and Conditions. Make sure your blog has Contact Us, Privacy policy, site map, Disclaimer, About Us and  pages before applying for Adsense account.

9. Do not try to create Adsense account via Flixya or Docstoc. If you use these type of website then you may banned your account.

10. Last but important that your blog has at-least 300 unique visitors from different reign per day before applying for Adsense. If you blog’s traffic’s main source is Facebook than there are little chances that Google will accept your application. Try to optimize your blog so that it gets natural traffic from search engines rather than social networking websites.

Note: Once you approved your account you can use it with 500 website.
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