Interpersonal Skills are Necessary for Project Planning

Interpersonal Skills are Necessary for Project Planning

Are interpersonal skills necessary for project planning?

Yes, if you are a project manager you really need interpersonal skills especially at planning phase! Project managers of this dynamic era must have interpersonal, communication and leadership skills because directly or indirectly the result of a project will depend on it. Interpersonal skills are something that will make you distinct from the others, particularly if you want to stand out from the crowd. While this has surely been the same situation for a long time and it is much more vital today in an economy where project managers are being made a request to accomplish more with less, squeezed budgets, scarce resources to chip away at the projects, and of course short timelines to keep the organizations ahead of the competitors. It needs no emphasis, project managers who are not good at interpersonal skills cannot perform their role effectively.

Project managers’ enduring success and scope for growth are unlimited if they possess the necessary critical skills. For example, how effective a project managers can be if he does not have team building skills, is not effective at conflict management and importance of relationship building cannot be ruled out.

Therefore, interpersonal skills are, without a doubt, a requirement for project managers. For example, it is difficult to lead global teams comprised of individuals with different personal goals/objectives and varied cultural backgrounds if you do not have essential interpersonal and leadership skills. Over again, I can’t emphasize further that technical skills is not sufficient for successful completion of goals, it is just not possible for project managers to get the job done solely with strong technical skills. To advance in you career in the organization, you need to possess and display strong interpersonal and leadership skills also. Particular interpersonal skills that project managers must have in order to be effective in their role are:

    • Leadership
    • Team building
    • Motivation
    • Communication
    • Influencing
    • Decision making
    • Political and cultural awareness
    • Negotiation
    • Coaching
    • Conflict management
    • Developing/motivating/inspiring others
    • Time management/priority setting
    • Problem solving
    • Presentation skills
    • Establishing goals/delegating

All of these interpersonal and leadership skills are needed so that project managers can successfully handle any size project as well as any size of team they are leading. Project managers who cannot prove their competence in these skills have no future in global organizations. These skills narrated above coupled with strategic leadership skills, such as strategic planning and change management, make project managers the key individuals within the organization. These skills pave the way for someone with the potential to move up through the ranks and play a senior leadership role.

A project manager with a blend of strong project management technical skills and relevant leadership and other imperative interpersonal skills will find him/herself in distinguished place within the organization. These project managers are the persons of value you want to work with and the executive team cherish them as high valuable assets within the organization.

Do you picture yourself as one of these project managers? Absolutely yes! Plot your plan for personal development.

Interpersonal Skills are Necessary for Project Planning
Interpersonal Skills are Necessary for Project Planning
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