Mustafa Kamal Launched “Pak Sar Zameen Party” kamal Ki Party

Mustafa Kamal Launched “Pak Sar Zameen Party” kamal Ki Party

Mustafa Kamal Mayor of Karachi Mayor announced name of his political party named “Pak Sar Zameen Party”on 23 March Pakistan Resolution day.

Mustafa Kamal Launched “Pak Sar Zameen Party” kamal Ki Party

Mustafa kamal formally announced today on 23 March year 2016 the name of his new party in a live ceremony held at Clifton Block No 4 Karachi.

“We announce the name of our party on the occasion of Pakistan Day(Pakistan Resolution day), Pak Sar Zameen Party (PSP) is the name of our party,” .

Kamal said that Pakistan National flag would be the flag of his party.

It is legal requirement from Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to have a party’s flag. So we will give a flag to the ECP, but in our offices and homes only hoist Pakistan national flag. No country law or constitutions can stop any citizen from carrying there national flag.

Thanks to volunteers

In the start of Mustafa Kamal speech he  thanks to all volunteers as my companions in the party.

Snatching of power or getting of position.

“We have not come here to snatch power. In fact all of us have surrendered our official powers, our senator-ship, MNA Ship and other posts with the previous party(MQM),” he said.

“We have come here to serve people. We have put ourselves on this path to serve masses. This has been our mission when we were in power in the past.”


“Before reconstruction of our infrastructure, we will talk about broken hearts of people in the Pakistan. We will joint the people hearts before talking about infrastructure,” he said.

Pakistan has been divided into many parts and people of Pakistan have been divided in the name of Shia and Sunni, Barevli and Deobandi etc. They are also divided in the name of Sindhi, Muhajir, Punjabi, Pashtun, Saraiki,  Hazarai, , Kashmiri and Gilgiti,” Kamal said.

IshQ tota to Istkhar kiya

ur phir ishQ hi dubara kya

People of Karachi now about my performance

The people of Karachi in Pakistan are witnesses about performance of my services in the city.


Manifesto to be coming soon….

“A team of our party top level, experience, intellectuals and scholars is drafting our party  manifesto, will be announced soon  in few days,” kamal said.


Call for devolved LG(Local Goverament) system

He called for the immediate devolved LG system in Pakistan according to the Article 140A of the country Constitution.

“LG system is a demand of every citizen. It is our belief that 99.9% people of Pakistan will solved their problems via devolved LG system”

Before setting up new provinces, there was a need to enforce a devolved LG system. “There are many complexities for setting up of new provinces. Even if new provinces are created, a devolved local govt will be necessary.”

“If power is devolved to union council level, a common man will play the role of a real NAB,”

He lamented that Pakistan did not work to improve the national urban infrastructure or develop new cities. “If we don’t make a national urban plan, we won’t be able to save the potential of our existing cities,” he warned.

Kamal made an emphatic appeal to give general amnesty to the youth of Karachi and Hyderabad for the sake of Pakistan.

Some Parts and information of this article took from SAMMA TV

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