Seven Benefits of Baby Oil for older

Seven Benefits of baby oil for older

Seven benefits of baby oil for older may help during your routine life. As we use this for baby skin care in our home but same time this product of any company gives us other hidden benefits. Most of Us are not like to use oil for some reasons.

Details of those conman benefits are mention below in Urdu.

Followings are the benefits of baby oil: –

  1. It can be use for shaving cream if shaving cream is not available of finished. 
  2. Baby Oil may be used for cleaning of ears with some drops.
  3. It can be used for Skin care in winter session on dry skin.
  4. You can use it for furniture cleaning and shining.
  5. We can use it for treatment of heels,  apply twice a day on cracks heels.
  6. For hands menu care.
  7. For cleaning of makeup brushes.

It may some others benefits are not mentioned but these are important for every one. 

seven benefits of baby oil for older

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