Pakistan Produced 2.07 Million Motorcycles

Pakistan Produced 2.07 Million Motorcycles During 2014-15


Motorcycles production in Pakistan is reached to its highest level with 2,07 million quantity of produced during year 2014-15, as compared to last year increased up 16.54%.

According to Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, a total of 2,071,123 numbers of motorcycles were produced in the country during year 2014 to 2015, up from 1,777,251 numbers assembled during year 2013 to 2014.

More than 60 motorcycle maker are working in the country with Honda and still leading the market as compared to others companies.


Pakistan Produced 2.07 Million Motorcycles

Motorcycle makers produced over 172,000 motorcycles per month, indicating a rapid increase in the usage of two wheeler machine.

Experts report shows that double digit growth in production of motorcycle indicate that middle-class growing faster during these times. Moreover, easy installment provider local retailers is another reason for rapid demand and growth in motorcycles production.

It is also observed that some local retail outlets are offering motorcycle lease with easy installments going as low as approximately Rs. 2,000 per month.

Observer seen that this growth in motorcycle production will only increase during the years to come. However, our current road infrastructure in urban areas is not prepared for the incoming moment.

Increase in motorcycle usage, without proper training and licenses, coupled with growing overall traffic has resulted in an increase in accidents during the recent past.

Experts said that it is now time to regulate motorcycle riders in a more strict manner by authorities to make sure that they, as well as other people on the roads are safe.

In developing country like Pakistan, the idea of separate roads / lanes for motorcycles is almost impossible, given the urban infrastructure in place. However, the concerned authorities must take measures to ensure that motorcyclists do not pose a threat to themselves or others on busy urban roads across the country.

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