While accessing hosted applications or desktops, you may experience network interruption. To curtail this problem and to ensure a smoother reconnection, Cisco offers auto reconnect and session reliability. Based on a default configuration, session reliability starts and then auto client reconnect follows.

Auto reconnect enables the client engine to reconnect to a disconnected session specifically where it was disconnected. But it is also a fact that auto reconnect disconnects the user session after the time specified in the setting (if auto connect does not resume the session due to any reason). If auto reconnect is in progress, the system sends application and desktops network interruption notification also.

The auto reconnect feature allows Virtual Private Network 3002 Cisco hardware clients to reconnect to Adaptive Security Appliance without the need to manually enter the user name and password and how this feature works needs to follow the given below settings:

  1. Choose Configuration > VPN > General > GroupPolicy.
  2. Choose the GroupPolicy you use for your 3002 clients and click Edit.
  3. Choose Client Configuration > Cisco Client Parameters > Store Password on Client System, and then choose the radio button in order to enable it.
  4. Choose the Hardware Client tab and make sure that Require Interactive Client Authentication is set to Disable.

For the command line, refer to this configuration example:

  • ASA5510(config)#username cisco attributes
  • ASA5510(config-username)#password-storage enable
  • ASA5510(config)#group-policy cisco123 attributes
  • ASA5510(config-group-policy)#password-storage enable

Now your machine is totally configured to execute auto reconnect feature.

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