Benefits of Miswak for Health

Benefits of Miswak for Health

Benefits of Miswak for health is very important post for all reader. As we know It was Sunnat e Nabvi. All peoples following this sunnah can feel effects of miswak.

Benefits of Miswak is one of the great post. It may you know about many benefits of Miswak but due to busy life can’t able to adopt this sunnah. Tooth Past may have 6 to 10 benefits and ingredients but miswak have 70 (seventy) benefits and more effective ingredients. We can saves from heart attack while using miswak five times and can get more regard before prayers.

Miswak is great way of cleaning teeth and mouth. It has lots of health benefits in our daily life. Medical research have proved that regular use of miswak is great anti-microbial for dental.

Tooth brushing is good habit but generally toothpastes with anti-inflammatory  and anti-cariogenic, hypoglycemic functions.


Says of Abu Ayyub Ansari(may Allah be pleased with him):  Narrates that four things are the Sunnahs of all the prophets (PBUH)

  • Improves memory power.
  • Relief from headache.
  • Relaxes brain and nerves.
  • Increases eyesight.
  • Effective for stomach patients, makes digestive system healthy.
  • Helps to digest the food.
  • Keeps you young and energetic.
  • Anti bacterial for teeth.
  • Prevents  plaque and germs.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Relives smelly breath.
  • Keep nice mouth odor

Benefits of Miswak for Heath in Urdu

Benefits of Miswak in Urdu



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