Federal budget 2020-21 Updates; Salary and Pension Increase.

Federal budget 2020-21 will be Finalized in the month of June and the same present. Budget for the Fiscal year 2020-21 will present in National Assembly on 12 June 2020 for debate and necessary changes.  Federal budget 2020-2021 will be announced after approval from National Assembly. Federal Budget termed the ‘corona budget’.

will be announced by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi acting as Finance Minister.

Federal budget 2020-21 Updates; Salary and Pension Increase

 All sectors and departments of government have already started the submission of documents related to Federal budget 2020-21. Ministry of Finance budget cell circular is preparing, revising on the outputs of the previous budget. Estimate and other calculations are in progress. According to budget cell circular 2020 – 21 current budget preparation is in a few sections.  It also indicates current and future development programs and strategies for the year of budget 2020-21, budget 2021-22, and budget 2022-23.

Federal budget 2020-21: Government employees Salaries increases

Federal budget 2020-21 may be a satisfactory result for salaries according to different information from websites, social media, and other sources of information. Another hand all government employees are just started thinning and worried about upcoming salaries increasing news budgets 2020-21. Currently, calculation and estimated that hope salaries may increase from 20 %. Pensioners are also looking for this increase that is also the same Pension 20%. 

Budget 2017 – 2018 Pakistan Government employees

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