Ufone 3G is now fastest mobile 3G Internet with cheap rates

Ufone 3G is now fastest mobile 3G Internet with cheap rates

Ufone 3G by Ufone mobile service is now providing one of the fastest mobile 3G internet service in Pakistan with some cheap rates. Due to Ufone 3G service users are increasing day by day. Here we are mention current rates packages as daily, weekly and monthly which may change in future.

Ufone 3G is now fastest mobile 3G Internet with cheap rates

Ufone 3G packages shown below proved that Ufone is not only famous because of its advertising but it is also famous due to attractive packages. 

Ufone Daily Light Bucket internet Package.

Volume: 40 MB with Validity of 24 hours.

Activation code is *804#.

Note : To unsubscribe this package type UnSUB and send to 8804.

Ufone Daily Heavy Bucket

Volume: 75 MB with Validity: 24 hours.

Activation code is *8042#.

Deactivation code is *4808#.

Charges for this bundle is Rs.15.

Ufone Special Daily Bucket

Volume: 50 MB timing are from 1am to 9pm.

Activation code is *810# and deactivation is to send UNSUB to 7810.

Charges for this bundle is only Rs.05.

Ufone Mega Internet Bucket Package

Volume 5.12 GB and timing is 12am to 12pm.

To get this package activation code is *550# and deactivation code is *5501# with only charges of Rs.6.

Ufone 3 Days internet Bucket

This package validity is 3 days, volume 100 MB with Rs.25 charges. 

Activation code is *3350#.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

This 3G Weekly Light Bucket is for week( 7 days) with volume of 250 MB.

Activation code is *7811# with charges of Rs.50.


Ufone Weekly Heavy Bucket

It is other weekly package and activation code is *7815#.

Volume of this package is 500 MB with price of Rs.125.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

In this monthly 1 GB package volume is 1024 MB.

Charges for this is internet package is Rs.250 with activation code *7807#.

Ufone Monthly 3G Bucket:

this monthly bucket charges is Rs.550, volume is 3098 MB with activation code of *803#.

Ufone Monthly 10 GB Bucket

This Bucket is 10240 MB with charges Rs.1,000 and activation code is *5100#.

Ufone Social Monthly Bucket

In this package you will be able to use popular social media (Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter) free with one month validity. 

Activation code is *5858# with price of Rs.50.

Note : Tax in Punjab and KPK is 19.5% and in Sindh is 18%. 

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